Methods and Techniques for Improving CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Flatness

Jan 12,2018

Generally, there is about 0.25-3.8mm thick melting layer after CNC Plasma Cutting Machine cutting, the residual chemical composition of the slag is consistent with the material itself, including the chemical composition of the incision surface. 

A compact weld can be obtained by direct welding with a cutting surface. When cutting stainless steel, the chromium carbide will not be precipitated along the grain boundary because the critical temperature of the heating zone is quickly passed at 649 degrees. Therefore, the use of plasma cutting machine cut stainless steel will not affect is corrosion resistance. The residual slag does not affect the cutting material physical characteristics, only to reduce the slag thickness, the working gas regulation of CNC plasma cutting machine pressure and walking speed can be achieved.

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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine