The Effect and Advantages of CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Jan 10,2018

CNC Cutting Machine has wide application, brings a new way of processing to enterprise and the users. The effect and advantages of CNC Flame Cutting Machine comparing with other cutting equipment:

1.The accuracy and material types of high pressure water jet cutting machine is better than flame cutting machine, but cutting speed and cutting thickness of flame cutting machine is larger than that, and the equipment cost and cutting cost are relatively low.

2.The CNC flame cutting machine is far less than the laser cutting machine in cutting speed accuracy and cutting material type, but it is superior to laser cutting machine in cutting thickness and cost.

3.It can cut large thickness sheet.

4.cutting speed of wire cutting machine is slow, the CNC cutting machine is produced by high temperature combustion process using ferric oxide to cutting carbon steel, the speed is fast, but slag, more rough.

CNC Flame Cutting Machine