Understanding House Edge and How it Helps Your Strategy

If you’ve been playing at online casinos for any length of time you’ll have come across the term ‘house edge’. Simply put, this phrase relates to how likely a certain casino is to win against the players in the long term, and the figure is vital if you’re looking to playing at an establishment where there are proven records that players can be favored. By understanding the house edge and how it can help your strategy, you can help to get your online gambling career going in the right direction.

Understanding House Edge Figures

When you first look for online casinos in which to play, understanding the house edge figures for the website overall, its individual games and its individual wagers within games is very important. House edge is shown as a percentage, and the closer to zero this figure is, the less the casino expects to win. Therefore, percentages over 50% intimate that the house expects to win more than they lose, whilst those closer to zero pull the odds in your favor.

Finding Your Edge

Finding the edge within games takes a seasoned professional and you’ll need to not only know the wager odds of each game that you’re playing, but also take into account the observed results within any one session. You’re more likely to win some bets than others, but these often have reduced payouts which make it less risky for the casino. Therefore, betting on a horse which is expected to win might only have a 10/11 odd, but by taking a high risk strategy you could bet on a 25-1 individual and benefit highly if you get a winning result.

Gambling Strategy

Any good gambling strategy takes into account the house edge and the related odds. No casino will ever offer a house edge which provides guaranteed wins as they’d be put out of business. However, within games themselves there are features which can allow you to make low risk wagers and take full advantage of the winnings. And by combining you knowledge of individual games, as well as using house edge information to take advantageous bets, you can ensure that you minimize your losses and maximize your profit.